Juniors’ Night: Shaved Eyebrows

“You don’t have to shave my eyebrows! Whyyyyyy?! *bangs the mirror*”

Feb. 28, 2014. Well people say that proms are really fun and something that is worth experiencing , like “OMG! You’ll be getting a lot of fun there! Like, you should totally go!” But me, uhm, yeah sure. I’m fine *fake chuckling*

That day we knew about the event, my classmates were like “Nah! That’s so gay!”, “Is there free food and wifi?” and “Waste of time, I would rather spend that night in front of my computer”.  Some are excited, some are definitely not, and some just don’t care really, like me. Those gay stuff you’re going to wear and have that night in front of your whole batch. High heels  like deadly weapons, gay make ups and the hairstyles you’ll be getting, and those cocktails which I wonder, “Are we supposed to wear this? I’m actually fine with a t-shirt, jeans and rubber shoes.” I don’t know, don’t blame me. They’re more comfy and stuff than short, skin showing dresses in a cold night right? It’s not like there are free jackets beside to wear if you’re feeling cold.

‘’What are you going to wear, Angeli?”. “Uhm me? I think my blanket is enough. Such class with that.”

Days passed before we knew about that, some of my classmates started changing their minds. I don’t know what’s going on, its just like a virus spreading, and I’m also one who was infected and was joined in the plague. Yeah. My friend convinced me. How nice. Not. The fact that Juniors and Seniors are having different and separate proms, maybe.

“I don’t really care, he’s not there anyways, so I don’t bother.”

1 week before that stuff, you know what I mean “stuff”. We have a week long vacation because of the STCAA. It was really fun, until my grandma started saying that thing. Just, I don’t know, It’s horrifying to say, nor hear. Just the day after that, we searched for a cocktail dress for prom. I decided black and white as the color of my choice since it’s my favorite. I also chose one which I think, is comfortable. Though, deep in my heart, I don’t want to wear such thing.

“Do you have something to wear for the prom yet? We’ll buy your dress tomorrow.”

Few more days, and the date is getting near. My classmates’  topic are all like that. I’ll be going to one group of my friends and what you’ll hear is “I’ll be wearing something in blue color. I still don’t have idea in what way I’ll be fixing my hair. ” Go to another one and will hear “I still don’t have heels to wear! ” and then “I don’t like tubes! Like no! I will not wear a tube dress!”. ASDFGHJKL;! -_- Everytime I hear those stuff, I feel goosebumps, like really nervous. My classmates were so excited, and I’m an exception with that.

“Why are you that nervous? It’s just one night!”

Then one of my  bestfriends, Joco, will not be able to come the event. It’s our free time in math, since my teacher wasn’t around and some of my classmates are practicing for the cotillion. Me and Joco, are the one’s who’s together, and is chatting. Until he showed something unusual, the other side of him. Saying that he’s in such despair that he will not be able to come the event because his religion doesn’t allow them to attend such things, like prom. He actually said to me that he’ll do anything, even just a sneak will do, just to be there.

“15 minutes is enough, I’ll use the gate in the small grandstand. Or maybe, I’ll be digging an underground tunnel from us to the event proper”

Fastforward. The day of that “stuff”. We went to school early to get our gatepass. I was expecting a pin or something because that was what like last year. But we waited, and what we got was a piece of paper saying “Gate pass; Name; no. ^%$#”. Great. 250 pesos for a paper gatepass. Just great. I wish the food will be great, because if not. Just, nevermind.

“Go there at exactly 2:00 pm, they will be applying your make up for tonight.”

Then afternoon comes, and I’m getting more nervous. I got a corny katniss braid, whatever braid you call that, and I’m on my way to neighbor’s house, whom will apply my make up. We almost started at 2:25 pm or something. Until she said, “Where’s the blade?” . I don’t know. I don’t care. Then she said “Close your eyes” and started shaving my eyebrows! I eventually twitched and said “No! You don’t have  to!” but too late, she shaved my left eyebrow, and if she didn’t continue ruining my life, I mean shaving my right eyebrow, It will be obnoxious to look at. I have a thin eyebrow on the left and  thick on the right. I just sighed, but deep inside, I swear I can kill my neighbor that time. It’s almost 3:30 pm and I’m still not wearing my dress. I’m afraid my bestfriend, Kei, will leave me, because they have a vehicle on the way to school, so what I did was to wear my dress, get my things ready, until my aunt yelled. “Gen! Your classmates are here!” Then poof! I felt relieved, and shy when I got the vehicle, apologizing for I was late.

“Why did you shaved my eyebrows?! It’s like you ruined my life! Now I feel naked! *teary eyes*”

We got to the school, and eventually felt doomed. There are 4th year students in the school, and I’m afraid that he might be there. I don’t want my crush to see my shaved eyebrows. So I felt relieved when I searched the entire way, and saw he’s not there to see my gay-ish look. Me and my classmates decided to go to the grandstand, and I swear to God that I want to go home already!

“It’s just 6:00 pm? 6 more hours?! I want to go home already!”

The program started, and some are dancing already, especially the teachers. But I don’t care. I’m just sitting there and watching the time pass by. I think it’s 7 pm or 8 pm when we started the Hunger Games, I mean dinner. It was all that I am waiting for. So we got into a really big plague of hungry zombies, and thanked God, for we get a food. So we started eating, but what I liked most was the brownies. Pfft. We finished eating and put our plates beside the caterer. Until my friend poked me and pointed her fingers towards my Social Studies teacher.

“Hey! Look at Maam Cuevas! *laughs a gazillion times*”

Then I thought, maybe It’s time not to waste this night. So my friends and I decided to go to the basketball court and dance. I don’t know. We just started making fun and weird stuff on the court. We almost got ourselves into trouble when the teachers noticed us and got annoyed for we are really careless. Then the sweet song came, still we are playing. *Derp face*

“So my first dance was Adrian, and my last dance was Kirk. But here’s the point, does that really matter?”

Nothing special. Because Mr. Special isn’t there. Pfft. I just danced, and took a sit, then dance again, then took a sit. Like that. I know it’s lame. But maybe the romance doesn’t really matter,   since I have fun with my friends, eventhough we are not complete. It was still fun. It may turn out starting that I don’t care really about the prom, but in the end, I thought that it was really  fun, and it is something to treasure, that one day, I am fully grown up, and will remember that night, and will laugh. Me and my classmates exchanged goodbyes and take cares. My grandma and uncle picked me up. I eventually dived down to my bed and slept. I guess this night isn’t really that bad.

“Sayang wala si Ayo! Pero okay lang, ayokong makita niya akong ganto! Chakang bading!”